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Benchmarking Privacy-Preserving Motion Detection


 Author: Yolan Romailler, Nils Amiet (KUD)

Secure Web Analytics using Functional Encryption


 Author: Norman Scaife (WALLIX)

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FENTEC approach: Functional ENcryption as a whole


Author: Marco Lewandowsky and Clément Gentilucci (Flensburg University of Applied Science)

Why encryption is important?


Extended version in Les Echos

Author: Mariem Krichen (Innovation Projects Manager - Wallix)

The era of the IoT revolution and “on Premise” services migration into the Cloud caused the invasion of individuals privacy. Our personal data turned into a booming global market fuel: Data Monetization.

Forget homomorphic encryption, here comes functional encryption


Extended version in Kudelski Security

Author: Yolan Romailler (Kudelski Security)

Have you ever heard of Functional Encryption (FE)? If so, you may be associating it with some sort of homomorphic encryption, which is not wrong, but not exactly right neither.

Authentication under PSD2: man with a credit card and a computer paying online

How does authentication work under the PSD2?


Extended version in Ku Leuven

Author: Danaja Fabčič Povše (KU Leuven)

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Cracking down on encryption: opening the front door


Collaborative post with Ku Leuven

Author: WIM VANDEVELDE (KU Leuven)

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Obscure meaning, cryptic messages: cryptography and the law

Author: Danaja FABČIČ POVŠE (KU Leuven)

Cryptography may look like the art of transforming text into unintelligible gibberish, but in a digital society it is absolutely necessary. In very simple terms, cryptography, through the technique called encryption, prevents unauthorised third parties from seeing the original text or information. Instead, they can only access a seemingly random sequence of numbers and letters.