D2.9 Annual Communication Activity Report Y2

This deliverable and its compiled activities belong to WP2 Dissemination, Communication, Standardization and Exploitation, and in particular to T2.3 Communication activities.

The report content is divided into 3 relevant sections: (1) summary and contextualization of the previous reports, (2) communication activities and results during Y2 (between M12 and M24) of FENTEC project, and the planning and strategy for Y3.

The communication activities considered in this deliverable are such as posts on social media posts or other project digital media, marketing materials (leaflets, brochures, posters…) or attendance at industrial events. Other kind of publications, such as press releases, scientific papers or attendance at scientific events, are collected and reported in D2.4 Annual Dissemination Report & Material Y2. These dissemination activities will be shortly mentioned in this deliverable, though this is discussed in detail in D2.4.