Ecole Normale Superieure


The Crypto team of École Normale Supérieure (ENS) was founded in 1988 has played a major role in the diffusion of cryptology in France and is one of the leading research groups in cryptology in the world.  It is currently led by Dr. David Pointcheval, has 27 members including 6 permanent researchers, 3 associate members, 2 postdoctoral researchers, and 16 Ph.D. students. The research of the Cryptographic Team considers cryptography in a broad sense, from its most theoretical and mathematical aspects to its applications. Its main areas of expertise include all aspects of asymmetric cryptography, interactive cryptography, and cryptanalysis. Over its lifetime, the group has been involved in several European research projects (e.g., ECRYPT, ECRYPT II, STORK, NESSIE, SAFECrypto, ECRYPT-NET), two ERC projects (FP7 ERC Advanced Grant CryptoCloud, H2020 ERC Starting Grant aSCEND), and French research projects.